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A. Business operations:

The experience obtained along this years has helped us to position ourselves as a company with high efficiency and quality levels, which works day after day to overcome itself and to gain client-oriented excellence used as resource to lead over the market niches in which we operate.

   · Constructors, Promoters, Architecture, Interior Design.
   · Real Estate Agency.
   · Advisors on distressed assets for investment funds.
   · Administrative management services, outsourcing for the financial sector.
   · Startup investors.


B. Available Assets:

A wide range of real estate related products, especially adapted to costumers needs. Nevertheless we don't restrict on offering products currently in the market but we also generate operations from the very beginning.
We have opportunities with strong contractual mandatory rules where assurance for our investors and the lease contract are the key features. We also provide high quality assets in prime zones with lower profitability but providing lesser risk and higher chance of being eligible due to its location and reputation. Clear examples are Serrano St. in Madrid, Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona or Maisonnave Av. in Alicante.
Our offer it's composed of especially designed products oriented to fulfill your complete investment's criteria. Particularly:

   · Geo-location.
   · Asset type (business premises within prime zones, offices buildings, logistic warehouses, supermarkets…).
   · Investment volume.
   · Profit/Risk relation.


C. Conveyance:

We provide the full range of Spanish conveyance required for the purchase and sale of Spanish residential properties. This enables us to provide a higher quality of service to our clients in order to ensure that any purchase of Spanish property generates the maximum possible advantages for the purchaser.
We constantly analyze the main criteria for purchase of a property required by the Spanish legal system. The conveyance process in Spain is complex because there are many parties and steps involved: the seller, their legal representative, the real estate agent, the accountant, a notary public, the registrar, utilities companies, the town hall of the municipality, etc.
We have demonstrated experience in assisting both purchasers and sellers and we always offer the cheapest solution.
Our relationships with the biggest Spanish banks help us to obtain the best financial outcome for our clients when obtaining mortgages.
Our range of services extends across:

   · Application for fiscal person identification number in Spain- NIE number.
   · Preparation of documentation for Power of Attorney.
   · We verify the urban classification of the Land and planning permission and local license.
   · Obtaining a property register report. Basically, checking that the property is free from debts and there is not any outstanding tax.
   · Completion of all necessary searches regarding the legal status of the Property.
   · Agreeing terms and conditions of the contract for sale and purchase.
   · Checking the fiscal value of the property for tax purposes.
   · Filing and lodging taxes before Inland Revenue.
   · Management and preparation of all documentation regarding the community of property owners
   · Arranging the mortgage with the Bank and obtaining the best interest rates, terms, etc.
   · Make preparations at the Notary Public before signing the title deed.
   · Assisting the purchaser before the notary and checking all necessary documentation before signing the title deed.
   · Arranging for the registration of the title deeds at the Land Registry.


D. How can I start a business in Spain?

1. First of all, it is necessary to obtain the N.I.E. number which is simply identification for foreigners and is mainly for tax purposes. To obtain it you will have to submit your passport and complete a simple form.

2. Once you have obtained the N.I.E, you will have to choose the name of the company. It is an important point because you must verify if the name has been registered by other companies. You will be able to verify it in Companies Register.

3. The next step is choosing a legal business structure according to the activity of the company is going to be developed. Fortunately, Spanish legal system offers several legal business structures that offer you tax benefits, depending on your activity. This is the main reason why you will need a Spanish expert advisor in these kind of issues. The most common legal business structures used for the most companies in Spain are Limited Liability Company (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada) and Public Limited Company ( Sociedad Anonima).

4. The forth step, the partners of the company will deposit a sum of money which will consequently create the Capital Stock, and with this each partner of the company will have obtained share.

5. Once you have decided what is to be the structure of the company and the capital stock has been contributed, you have to formalize it before a Notary Public because it is obligatory to register in the Commercial Register and for that moment the company will obtain the N.I.F., this number is necessary for operating and developing the activity. Obviously, this kind of company must pay tax contributions. Generally the main tax for companies is the corporation tax, for which basically the company must pay the thirty five percent of the profits of the company.

The experience obtained along this years has helped us to position ourselves as a company with high efficiency and quality levels, which works day after day to overcome itself and to gain client-oriented excellence used as resource to lead over the market niches in which we operate.


E. What steps do I carry out to buy a Property in Spain?

1. Reservation Contract.
This Method is usually to be used by Spanish or property developer. The purchaser usually has to make a payment between 3.000 to 5.000 Euros. It is very important to check this contract with your Spanish lawyer, because there are many important clauses which can influence negatively for the purchaser when the purchaser has to sign the title deed.

2. Private Contract.
It is one of the most important documents because in this agreement, the most relevant points will be established, for example, the schedule of payments, the date of the completion of the dwelling, the amounts of money which must be deposited before signing the title deed, etc. It is essential to be well advised in these points.

3. Bank Guarantees.
The function of this document is to protect the purchaser against the developer. Because the Bank Guarantee must be cover the sum of money which has been handed by the purchasers to the developer. In many cases, the developers do not provide this to the purchasers.

4. Negotiating the conditions of the mortgage.
It is an important step, negotiating good conditions, because it can obtain advantages according to the tax legal system and excellent interest rates with the bank which is going to approve the mortgage deed.

5. Title Deed.
The private contract previously mentioned, must be signed before a Public Notary, and in the majority of cases, takes place before the signing of the mortgage deed, in order to obtain the finance to buy the property.

6. Land Register.
Once they have been signed, the title deed and the mortgage deed must be submitted before the Land Registry, and therefore the rights of the Purchasers will be able to be protected before anybody.


Other Services

We assist our international client to prepare the legal documentation to formalize a Spanish will. From our point of view, we consider that is quite important to formalize a Spanish will if an international client has assets in Spain. In addition, we have vast experience with administrating deceased states.The Spanish probate is more procedural than difficult if you are not assisted by an expert advisor. We deal with the tax liabilities in connection with the probate and we will opt for the best option for the heirs. Once we have analyzed the tax liabilities we will proceed to transfer of the estate to the heirs.

We act as fiscal representatives in Spain. We offer different packages for international clients in Spain in connection with tax legal issues. We act for individuals regarding and we assist them with Non-resident income taxes, inheritance tax and also all taxes in connection with the council.

Frequently, it usually produces many problems in relation to property matters. We can provide a complete Spanish property litigation service in relation to property matter in Spain. The termination of the purchase/sale contracts, you must aware that Spanish legislation and Court protect the rights of the purchasers and also the purchaser not only would be able to recover the deposit, in many cases the compensation would be claimed by the purchaser. In this department, we can offer the following services:
   · Property Dispute Resolution.
   · Contract Disputes.
   · Landlord/Tenant Disputes.
   · Administrative Litigation.
   · Construction Problems.
   · Property Damages.
   · Guarantee of reimbursement of deposits.
   · Forced Sale.

This service is specialized in claiming the payments invoices, breached contracts, bouncing checks, or any other document showing proof of debt, from Spanish debtors. Given that, our Spanish Lawyers have experience in this kind of procedure and also the Spanish system offers many different procedures to claim this sum of money. The only requirement would be to summit by the Creditor, this kind of documents:
   A. Any kind of documents, only it is necessary that has been signed by the debtor.
   B. Through invoices, delivery notes or any similar document, or whatever evidence that shows a relationship between Creditor and debtor.

Our service will consist in the next steps I will develop the services:
   A. We analyze the situation of the debtor, and for this, we will collect the necessary documentation from the client.
   B. We draft a report offering several options according to the current situation and also we evaluate the options of the success that the creditor will have to collect the debt. We usually offer two alternatives:
   C. Negotiating with the debtor the profit solution and trying to avoid taking the legal actions. Therefore we try to reach an agreement or drafting a new contract to reinitiate the legal relationship between the debtor and the creditor.
   D. Initial a Procedure against the debtor, depends of the sums of money of the debt, the Spanish legal system offers different legal procedure.
We advise Creditors on find out the best way to manage with their credits in Spain and also

In basis bankruptcy procedure, is a legal procedure whose main function is collecting debts on behalf of creditors of a business or individual.
It is the most efficient legal procedure for the purchasers of properties who bought properties off plan, and need to recover the sum of money deposited.
Our main function is, assisting the creditor, during the proceeding, preparing the necessary application forms, submitting all documentation which has been required by the judge, and discusses with the administrator each incidence which can produce during the proceeding.

INSURANCE CLAIMS: We can assist you when you have an accident in Spain. We claim the proper compensation and take the legal actions when it is required.
FAMILY AND DIVORCE: We effectively matrimonial law, divorce and judicial separation in the Spanish court.
BUSINESS LAW IN SPAIN: We deal with all kinds of commercial agreements. And also we can assist in incorporating a company in Spain and the protection of trademarks and commercial names in Spain. We are experts in commercial reviews, due diligence and litigation.
PERSONAL INJURY LAW: Road Traffic accidents, injury in the public places and recover costs from home.


golden visa

We have a reputation for providing high quality legal advice on immigration issues. This expertise has been acquired over the last years as the demand for this kind of service has increased exponentially. Because of this we are able to assist clients who wish to take advantage of the new immigration regulation that relates to Spanish Investment Visas and Spanish Residency Visas. In order to benefit from the new law, which significantly eases access to Visas, it is compulsory to either buy a property worth 500,000 Euros, or to obtain shares from Spanish companies with a minimum value of 1,000,000 Euros.

This Investment /Residency Visa will allow the applicants to reside in Spain, initially, for a one year period. During this period, the applicants will only need to enter Spanish territory once. In addition, holders of these Visas will be able to travel around the Schengen territory for 90 days every 180 days (3 months every 6 months). A key value of the new regulation is that, after one year, applicants will be entitled to apply for residency permits which will enable them to live and work in Spain for an additional two years. Moreover, they will be in position to apply for European residency to live and work in other member states of the European Union.

Initially, interested individuals have to apply for an investment/ residency visa at the Spanish Embassy in their home country. At this stage, the applicants will have to prove having made an investment of 500,000 Euros in property or having obtained shares from Spanish companies with a minimum value of 1,000,000 Euros. Presenting the documentation in the correct form is a complicated and time consuming process as applicants are required to present a number of translated and legalized documents regarding their personal and economic situation. When submitted correctly, Spanish Institutions must grant the Investment /Residency Visa within 10 days from the date of filing the application.

Our legal practice offers highly professional personalized assistance to clients throughout the entire process: from property purchase / investment, to the preparation of residency visa application forms and the necessary official documentation to satisfy the requirements of the new immigration regulation.


real estate

Why Invest in Spain?

The Spanish property market has now regained the strength and vitality it once enjoyed, yet with more cautious and sound leverage and operating ratios than in the years immediately preceding the crisis. Leverage ratios are well under 60% LTVs, affordability rates steadily increase, vacancies shrink and all types of real estate are being managed with more skill and professionalism than in the old days. Throughout this long 10-year period, the real estate community members have done their best to make this trend crystallise. Indeed, some of the most powerful drivers of the change have demanded the joint action and effort of multiple parties: public authorities, the financial community, real estate investors, developers, brokers and consultants and last, but not least, lawyers.


In the next pages we present you a few properties that we have selected due to their specific conditions of high and safe return, prime locations, easy to rent and sell, etc.
We are absolute committed to our customers and transparency is our legitimacy currency, therefore all the data reliable and available to our customers. Should our customers find a different property of their liking or the same property in a different local Real Estate agent, website, etc. we shall work with our customers’ choice.



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